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Meals for New Parents Another great service that the Club provides is a great meal for new parents. We know how hard it is to find time to sleep or eat when you have newborns. We try to make it a little bit easier by delivering a delicious, nutritious and ready-to-eat meal to your home.
Philanthropy Our Club has an outreach program for families with multiples who live in Bay Area and who need additional help and support. We donate toys and equipment to low-income families, deliver meals and provide helping hands to single-parent households, and provide support to families with sick children.
Halloween Closet Buying Halloween costumes every year for two or more kids can get expensive. We have a selection of costumes donated by our Club members that you can borrow at no charge. Your costume donations are always appreciated.

Snow Clothes Closet Similar to Halloween costumes, buying warm clothes and skiing gear for one weekend in the snow can get very expensive. Our Snow Clothes Closet has a good selection of kids' jackets, snow pants, hats, gloves and other cold weather essentials. Please take a good care of the clothes and donate anything that your kids no longer need.
Newsletter Our Club 's bi-monthly newsletter Multiplicity is a great resource for parents of multiples. It always contains useful articles written by and for parents of multiples. Topics range from feeding and sleeping issues, to playground information, to reviews of schools, and everything in between. It is also full of useful tips, recipes, and announcements of upcoming Club events. To learn more about it, please click here or email
BigTent One of the most valuable benefits of SFPOM's membership is access to our online BigTent forum. Here members can post questions, messages, exchange ideas, and form playgroups. Members also have access to our message archive, which is full of invaluable information about nannies, doulas, housecleaners, breastfeeding, schools, rainy day activities, and everything in between.
Toddler Support Group The Club now offers a monthly toddler support group. This is the place where you can bring your woes about getting your toddlers to eat veggies, trade potty training tips and tales, and exchange information on fun things to do with your young children. These member-only events are moderated by a SFPOM Club Member and mother of three children, all under the age of 5. Please check the calendar at for details on the date, time, and location for the next toddler support. For questions and more information, email:

Expert Speaker Sessions Expert Speaker Series are held periodically and are member-only events. They cover many topics including childcare, preschools, sleep training, and others. Meetings are usually held at Sports Basement (Potrero Hill location) - 1590 Bryant Street in San Francisco, unless otherwise noted. A light dinner and drinks are offered and parking is available in their garage and nearby. For more information contact Expert Speaker Series organizers at

Resource List On our members-only website we have a resource section where you can get connected with Club members with knowledge and experience in specialized areas during pregnancy and various developmental stages of your babies and children. It's a place where our members say "been there, done that--let us know if we can help you through the same situation." We have members who have experience with everything: preterm labor, preemies and NICUs, all kinds of medical conditions related to pregnancies with twins or more, breastfeeding, multiples adoption, potty training, schools, and more. Here you can find not only information that you are looking for, but also how you can sign up and share your own experiences with the group.

What We Offer

There are countless benefits to joining SFPOM. We offer many programs and activities that target parents of multiples and their children. This includes but is not limited to: New Parents Group, General Meetings, Family Activities, Outings and Social Gatherings, Parents Night Out, Working Parents' Lunch, Playgroups, Consignment Sale, monthly Newsletter, Listserv, Member-Only Website with Online Resources and Archives, free Meals for New Parents, access to our Preemie, Halloween Costumes and Snow Clothes Closets, and much more.


Preemie Closet Twins and higher order multiples are generally at a higher risk of being born prematurely and at a lower birth weight. Fortunately, with help of new technologies, preemies do very well and grow quickly. Small babies do require preemie clothes, although the grow out of them quickly. These clothes can be hard to find and expensive. The Club provides our members with free access to our Preemie Clothes Closet.

The clothes are donated by Club members. Some are new, some are gently used. This is how it works: once your children are born, let the Preemie Closet Coordinator know the genders of your babies and setup a pickup time. A delivery can also be arranged. Once you are done using the clothes, arrange for a drop-off of the clean clothes. We also accept and appreciate any preemie clothes donations.

New and Expectant Parents Group We welcome all expecting and new parents with multiples under one year of age. Come alone, with your partner, and/or your babies. You may also bring the helping hands of friends, nannies, and grandparents. Should you run out of helping hands we have many more ready to help out. The New and Expectant Parents Group is an ideal place to gain invaluable twin parenting advice, an opportunity to ask many questions, to see how other parents cope with more than one baby, a place to laugh, to cry, to rejoice, and to share proud and scary moments in our step-by-step journey into parenthood of multiples. You must be a member to attend regularly. Prospective members may attend one meeting before joining. 

Starting in May 2016, we will offer one daytime and one evening meeting per month, hoping to accommodate more new and expecting parents. Daytime meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month, from 1-2:30pm and hosted by Emilee Schumer. Daytime meetings are held at Calvary Presbyterian Church at 2515 Fillmore Street (between Pacific and Jackson). Enter the church to the right of the main entrance with all the stairs, which has a ramp that will lead to double doors. Enter and you'll see an elevator straight ahead. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, exit and walk all the way back past the bathrooms to the Nursery. Parking: There is 2-hour street parking on neighboring streets and metered parking on Fillmore. there is a parking garage (CPMC garage) on Clay between Webster and Buchanan in case you can't find parking elsewhere. It's a few blocks away but it's an option. Monthly evening meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of each month and hosted by Erika Lee in her home. Evening meetings will request an RSVP so login to BigTent or check Facebook for event details each month. If you are not yet a member, we recommend contacting the moderators before you attend your first meeting in case of any scheduling changes (these changes are always reflected in advance on BigTent and Facebook, which you’ll have access too as a member). You can contact the moderators at

Playgroups With the help of BigTent, it is easy for Club members to meet other parents of multiples and form age-appropriate playgroups. Through organized walks, playground outings, and gatherings at members' houses, playgroup members have many opportunities to meet other parents and provide social interaction for their kids.


Family Outings The Club sponsors fun social events such as holiday parties and picnics for member families. SFPOM sponsored events give parents and their children a chance to meet other twin families in a warm and friendly setting. For more information contact the Family Outings Planner at

Activities for Parents The Club regularly organizes activities for parents only. Parents Night Out allows moms and dads of multiples a chance to have some fun and even finish a conversation without interruption. For more information please contact


Consignment Sale The Club holds a consignment sale for its members and the general public twice year, usually each Spring and the Fall. This is a great place to pick up gently used items that every family with young children needs, like cribs, highchairs, clothes and much more! The event is held at the SF County Fair Building (Hall of Flowers), Strybing Auditorium at 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. Check out the Consignment Sale page for dates and further details. You don't have to be a member to buy or sell at the Consignment Sale. If you have any questions, please contact our Consignment Sale Chair at

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