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Did You Know... Our members-only website contains a wealth of information. Login at Here you can find complete contact list for the Club , membership roster, calendar of events, resource list, forums, newsletter archives, event photos


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the discussion forums? -- You must be a member to get access to our forums. You will get access automatically once you join the Club, although this process may take up to 2 or 3 weeks if you paid dues by personal check. To join visit or contact

How do I access email message archives? -- SFPOM switched from Yahoo! Groups to BigTent in June 2008. All messages from June 2008 on can be found under Forums in BigTent. Members who joined prior to June 2008 and accessed the discussion list via Yahoo! Groups can search its archives here, Login with your Yahoo! ID and password, and then click on "Messages."

How do I join? -- Go to For more detailed information, click here.

How much are the yearly dues? -- $80 per family per year in addition to a volunteer component. For more detailed information, click here.

How do I renew my membership? -- Go to If your membership is expiring soon, you will see a link to renew membership. For more detailed information, click here.

Who do I contact regarding the content of the website? -- Contact with any issues regarding this website--any misspellings, corrections, additions, or any other questions.

Who do I contact regarding the content of the Big Tent website? -- Contact with questions regarding content of the Big Tent website.

I would like to volunteer on the SFPOM Board. Whom do I contact? -- We are always looking for Board volunteers. Contact if you have general questions about volunteering. If you have a specific committee in mind, you may contact that committee's chair and/or the president. Second page of The Diaper Rag lists open board positions. Even if the position you want is taken, we would love to have you on board to help out, share some of the responsibilities, and eventually taking over that position. So please contact us anyway. There is also a list of Board positions with contact emails at the Big Tent website.


How do I place a birth announcement in the newsletter? -- Email your babies' picture along with their names, date of birth, parents' names, and measurements to

How do I place an ad in the newsletter? -- Detailed information can be found here.

How do I write an article for the newsletter? -- Please email and read some more detailed information here.

I have not received a newsletter in a while. Is there a problem? -- There could be several reasons why you stopped receiving the newsletter: you may have forgotten to renew your membership; you may have moved and forgot to update your profile with the new mailing address; or if none of these are true, then please contact for troubleshooting this problem.

How do I find newsletter archives? -- Diaper Rag archives in PDF format can be found on our members-only website at After you login, click on "Folder" to access the archives.


How do I attend a New and Expectant Parents Group meeting? -- The New and Expectant Parents Group is free to members and prospective members.   

Starting May 2016

We will offer one daytime and one evening meeting per month, hoping to accommodate more new and expecting parents. Daytime meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month, from 1-2:30pm and hosted by Emilee Schumer. Daytime meeting are held at Calvary Presbyterian Church at 2515 Fillmore Street (between Pacific and Jackson). Enter the church to the right of the main entrance with all the stairs, which has a ramp that will lead to double doors. Enter and you'll see an elevator straight ahead. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor, exit and walk all the way back past the bathrooms to the Nursery. 

Parking: There is a 2-hour street parking on neighboring streets and metered parking on Fillmore. There is a parking garage (CPMC garage) on Clay between Webster and Buchanan in case you can't find parking Elsewhere. It's a few blocks away but it's and option.

Montly Evinging Meetings

Monthly evening meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of each month and hosted by Erika Lee in her home. Evening meetings will request an RSVP so login to BigTent or check Facebook for event details each month. if you are not yet a member, we recommend contacting the moderators before you attend your first meeting in case of any scheduling changes (these changes are always reflected in advance on BigTent and Facebook, which you'll have access too as a member). You can contact the moderators at

How do I participate in the Consignment Sale? -- All details about our Consignment Sale can be found here.

How do I join or start a new playgroup? -- Post a message on our Listserv.

How do I find out about upcoming Club events? -- Club events are listed on the Calendar page of our Big Tent site and also on the last page of Multiplicity.

How do I attend or recommend a speaker for a General Meeting? -- Check our events calendar at Big Tent or contact

How do I find information on Family Outings? -- Check our events calendar at Big Tent or contact

How do I find information on Parent Outings? -- Check our events calendar at Big Tent or contact



How do I get preemie clothes for my babies? -- Contact to arrange pickup or delivery. You must be a Club member to have access to our Preemie Closet.

How do I get Halloween Costumes for my kids? -- Contact You must be a Club member to have access to our Halloween Closet.

How do I get access to the Snow Clothes Closet? -- Contact You must be a Club member to have access to our Snow Clothes Closet.

Where do I find Dressy Maternity Clothes? Contact
You must be a Club member to have access to our Dressy Closet.

Need Gear for Traveling with your multiples? Contact You must be a Club member to have access to our Travel Closet.

How do I get a meal for new parents? -- Once your babies are born, you need to let us know about it by updating your profile. You also need to contact our Meals for New Parents Coordinator to arrange a meal delivery Please let the coordinator know if you have any food allergies or other special diet requirements and/or strong preferences.

Where can I find the resources I need? -- On our members-only website, we have areas where you can get connected with Club members with knowledge and experience in specialized areas during pregnancy and various developmental stages of your babies and children. It's a place where our members say "been there, done that." Here you can most likely find whatever information you are looking for. You can participate in forums as an expert on a subject to share your own experiences with the group, or create a new topic of your own, if you don't see one that you think should be there. Our members are our best resource!


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