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St Mary's Cathedral, located at      1111 Gough Street at the corner of Gough and Geary. 

Map of Curbside Drop-off and Entrance


Full Hours: 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

11am -3pm Merchandise drop-off for last names A through L  

3pm -7pm Merchandise drop-off for last names M through Z

Friday, April 22, 2016

1pm -5pm  Merchandise drop-off for A through Z by appointment

5pm - 9pm Exclusive! Event volunteer pre-shopping hours 

6pm - 9pm SFPOM Members pre-sale, social and raffle!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

9am - 10am SFPOM Members

10am - 1pm Open to the general public to shop 

1pm - 2pm Half Price Sale on most items 

3:00pm-4:00pm Pick-up of unsold items not donated


Fall 2016 Consignment Sale: TIPS FOR SELLING

• Include manuals and original packaging if available (some manufacturers have manuals on their online).

• Install fresh batteries in battery operated toys and equipment.

• Bundle small items like socks into baggies in groupings of 3 or more.

• Place hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, brackets) into a baggy and use blue painters’ tape to keep all parts and pieces together.

• Consider pricing your items at 50% or less of the retail price. Adjust up or down depending on its condition or popularity.

• Keep in mind clean, nicely presented, and favorably priced items will sell first and best.

• Volunteer to earn more on your consigned items (register online at or

• Tell anyone you know with children or grandchildren about the consignment sale - they are potential buyers!!

 In order to maintain a reputation for selling high-quality items at our sale, we need to have quality control on sale merchandise.

Please refrain from selling the following:

• Dirty, stained, or torn clothes

• Dirty or broken toys and gear

• Bottle nipples, pacifiers, teething rings

• Worn underwear

• Equipment/toys with missing parts or dead batteries

• Car seats that are within 1 year of expiring or have been in an accident. Sellers of car seats will have to sign a form stating their car seat has not been in an accident.

• Drop-side cribs*

* Please note that SFSmiles, the charity accepting unsold donated items, DOES accept drop-side cribs. They must be donated with the immobilization kit. To donate your old drop-side crib, please contact SFSmiles directly ( They request cribs be dismantled, hardware in a baggy, and all pieces held together with blue painters’ tape.


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